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However, it’s worth mentioning they managed to raise some solid capital and i’ve no doubts they’re adding new features as we speak. Reed says she does fetish shows, female domination, and vanilla shows, which are non-fetish shows. Of coursehave seen that meme, and all 5000 of it’s variants, 3 and a half months ago. 53/min female dominationon your knees, you weak scum. Her nails are painted and shaped in what they call kitty cat claws. As a viewer, i felt like the plot of this scene could've used a little more backstory. Had a blast with a party of eight, two families on a thanksgiving week road trip. Other reasons are stress relief, emotional release, “funishments”,introduction and just because to name a few. Lets remember its you that has the fucking issues and your addiction has to be fed like a pig at a trough that’s all your really fit for in our world of complete female domination.

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